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Scavenger Hunt 1-16-21 (pdf file)


Scavenger Hunt.         /20

Directions; take a picture or collect as many items as you can, write down the total amount of items that you collected, for easy reference. You do not have to find every item, this is meant to be challenging.

1. A leftover Christmas decoration

2. A mask

3. An apron

4. A pack of gum

5. Something glittery/sparkly

6. A pet rock

7. A charger

8. A lighter

9. Chap stick

10. Something from another state

11. Chocolate chips

12. Something athletic

13. A button

14. A plant

15. A cookbook

16. Your tent

17. The biggest pillow in your house

18. Dryer lint

19. A musical item

20. A pet toy


Easy Origami

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Slides for Rank Requirements:

Scout Rank

Slides for Skills:

Knots – videos showing how to do