Merit Badges

Please Note:  The password to our merit badge book library is our SPL’s first name


Backpacking:  Backpacking MB book

Camping:  Camping MB book

Camping Merit Badge Worksheets (updated 2019) 

Citizenship in the Nation:  Citizenship in the Nation MB book (password is our SPL’s first name)

Voice Your Own Opinion  Writing a letter to your state Senator or Representative (p. 40-41)

Cycling:  Cycling MB book

Dog Care:   Dog Care MB book

 Dog Care Merit Badge Workbook  (Google Forms document – DO THIS!)  – Make sure you click on the SAVE button at the bottom of each page


Dog Care Merit Badge Google Slides – you can use for reference for the requirements

Dog Care MB Worksheets:

Dog Care 2 Month Log Sheets:

Emergency Preparedness:     Emergency Preparedness MB book

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge Workbook (updated 2020)

Geocaching:   Geocaching MB book



Pets merit badge book (2010 printing):

Pets Merit Badge Worksheets:

 Small Boat Sailing:  Small Boat Sailing MB book

Theater:  Theater MB Book

Wood Carving:   Wood Carving MB book